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Salbay Engineering is a developer and systems integrator for industrial OEM's.

Current project areas include:

Industrial Automation: Providing system integration and Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC's) to OEM CNC manufacturers and to retrofit legacy machines. Additionally we manufacture (typically DIN rail mounted) support components , such as solenoid drivers, inkjet drivers; and interfaces for keyboards, encoders and drives.
The design philosophy of our SE8350/9350 PAC's utilizes commercial off the shelf components, hydraulics and motor drives without requiring a specific vendor, brand or protocol. This approach results in competitively priced machines with excellent maintainability. Firmware optimised for this style of machine running with standard drives and motors yielding performance rivalling servo systems at a fraction of the cost.

Renewable Energy: Providing system integration and power conversion solutions for CPV collectors, tracking systems, and inter-module communication. These systems endure extreme environments and heat loads, combining high reliability at high efficiency while providing N-2 redundancy over a 20year operating period.

Instrumentation sensors: Low noise geophysical sensors, with supporting environmental control, data acquisition, processing and communications for use in demanding field conditions of -30C to +50C.

Electronic prototyping: providing custom electronic design services, prototype and electronic product manufacture. We specialise in more unusual designs produced in low quantities. 

Typically our client areas include light industry, automotive engineering, marine appications, rural applications, aircraft equipment and consumer equipment.

There are two scales of electronic projects, and the sizes dictates the approach used:

1) small projects "widget scale":
Typically the client is the end user , with a specific problem that needs an electronic gadget to solve. Typically the client will have a good idea of what the the problem is and a fair idea of the sorts of things he might expect in the solution, but will be lacking the means to implement such a solution.
2) production scale projects: 
Where the consumer is the end user, You have a concept that you would like turned into a product, so that you can sell it and make a profit.
Irrespective of scale, all electronic products proceed through the following stages:
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